St.Joseph's High School (Guyana)
Alumni Association Toronto Chapter

To know • To love • To serve


Spring Dance, June 10, 2017 - West Rouge Community Centre



The Association has its roots in Scarborough, Ontario and was founded in 1988.Therefore we are celebrating  our 25TH Anniversary this year. It began with a small group of Old Girls, whose initial objectives were social, fundraising events to assist Our Alma Mater and its Students and to foster new friendships.

The Association grew and so did our mandate. Over the years St. Joseph High School has received assistance to fund many  projects.  Some of these are the Computer, Science and Home Economics labs, and the purchase of Agriculture tools,  Desks and Chairs. Scholarships were also given to students in Guyana. Bursaries were granted to members’ relatives and donations were made to Charitable Associations in Canada.

Some of our fundraising events annually are a dinner/dance, casino trips__ Rama, Niagara, a brunch and the Last Lap Lime. The latter is a combined effort of four Alumni schools of Guyana and us.

As an Alumni Association we are in close contact with the USA (New York) Chapter  and the local Chapter in Guyana. There is a Tri-annual Alumni Reunion of the Chapters, with the next Reunion scheduled for 2015, which will be hosted in Canada by the Toronto Chapter.

As we proudly celebrate our 25th Anniversary, our goal is to grow our membership and continue our support to Our Alma Mater.


The objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

  1. To its members, provide social events and other functions that will rekindle old friendships and foster new ones.
  2. To St. Joseph’s High School in Guyana, provide assistance for the development of the school and its students.  The Association may also donate to other charities within or outside of Canada, or to organizations run by the Sisters of Mercy.
  3. To descendants of St. Joseph’s High School students and teachers, provide assistance in the form of bursaries (application required), whenever possible.

 The social activities of the Association shall be carried on without the purpose of monetary gain to any of its members.

 The Association may also engage in any enterprise consistent with the objective of the Association and any resulting monetary gain shall be used to fund future social events and functions for the Alma Mater.